Forge question

Hello every one, I have question :

Will we be able to do forge without xbox live gold ? Because we can’t do custom games without gold :frowning:


I don’t think so

seriously ? Why are they doing that ? it mean I paid 50 € for a campaign :frowning:

Does anyone have real proof of this? Besides that guy who asked a very vague question on twitter, which didn’t prove anything.

This is what im upset about also. Custome games and forge should not require Internet. God for bid your Internet goes out or u really can’t afford at the present time to renew just yet then everything is unavailable except camaign. So that takes away a game that we bought. We bought the camaign and maps but yet we can’t even get to the maps without Xbox live. They need to change this. And it’s not cause I’m cheap I have Xbox live and always will but it’s the principle that matters, we bought all the stuff on the disc for 60 bucks so don’t restict cause someone doesn’t have Xbox live.