Forge Question: What is eating all my FX budget?

I am working on a map, and kitting it out with game modes, and as I went to put down my 4th KOTH Capture Plate, I get a message that the budget has been exceeded.
I look in my budget section of the menu, and it shows my FX Budget is at 114%…which I find a bit odd, as my map contains exactly ONE item from the FX menu.

Through process of elimination, I discovered that Man Cannons count against the FX budget…I have 4.

But I cannot place any weapons down either without triggering the same “budget” error. …so…do weapons count as FX?

All my other budget categories are at around 50% or less…so…


Uh, I don’t forge and I can not guarantee this. Do you have any prefabs? Since they are items forged as one, maybe each of those count against your limit. Just a theory. If you don’t have any then best of luck on the next comment.

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I have used quite a lot of prefabs actually…
I try to ungroup them after I am sure they are placed exactly where I need them…but never considered their presence might be game-breaking…but you might be right.

I’ll go do a thorough ungrouping and see if that has any impact.
I’'ll report my findings here!

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Ungrouping shouldn’t make any difference. If it is the prefabs it would be the individual elements in them.

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I’m getting the same thing. Idk why it’s doing it. I think it’s not actually that high cuz I put a few effects, but I’m already at 185%. I wonder if I should slow down lol. But it just doesn’t seem right, I believe with forge being so buggy, it’s probably glitched to show more than actual there.

I just hope 343 will fix all these things next update

True enough…I went in and ungrouped everything and it made no difference.

fwiw, my prefabs contained no FX items…closest thing would be lights with “cone” effects.

But I even went in and deleted a bunch of those to zero positive effect.

you can use as much fx as you want i think. just dont put too many on a single screen

Weapons count as FX, weapon racks count as FX, objective based objects (Like capture plates or flags) count as FX. Interestingly, it does seem that weapon crates do not count as FX. Was trying to keep my FX count low on my latest map, as the map I made before has all sorts of bugs, and saw my FX count rise after replacing a weapon crate with a weapon racks. Not sure why, maybe it’s because of the glowing weapon. Anyways, I wouldn’t worry too much about the FX count, you can have issues with FX not spawning if you have too many, but I found that be true at close to 400%+ FX, or if there are too much in a small area.

Also, there is even a potential fix for when you have too many FX, changing the suns color. Not sure if that works in all gametypes or just forge though, but in any case it’s a reason to be slightly less concerned about FX budget.

Another reason to be less concerned with the budget itself, is objective objects should only spawn in their respective playlists, so your effective FX percentage is actually lower than it shows on screen.


Thank you for this fantastic reply.
This puts my mind at ease quite a bit.

Yeah there’s a Xmas workshop map with like 200 blinking lights that come from the FX category. I imagine this guy is way over budget making a map surrounding Xmas lights. It was so much that it was almost defening getting close to all the blinks lol. The map ran good tho.

I bet the FX budget and all the other budgets have more to do with the whole. As you have a major simulation budget, and all the smaller budgets combined. My point is if you don’t use that much of the whole simulation like (only use 40% full budget I’m guessing on map) then the FX shouldn’t count so much