Forge question - Please help?

  • Does anyone know where the glass pieces are? I cant find them anywhere. - How do i delete all of one type of item on the map? (All spawns at once for example) - Is there a way to make it so im not always in orbit mode after spawning pieces? its an extreme hassle. - Orbiting is wonky. I fly in inversion, i aim normal. The orbiting should be tied to flight inversion. Its disorienting me. x.x Wasnt it default inversion orbiting before…?

My two cents on the new forge:

  • Im absolutely sick and tired of blowing up.We need all soft zones while editing. - Im tired of my monitor moving up or down in the middle of moving a piece horizontally. What the heck? Seems like a bug to me. - New controls are very new, will take a monumental amount of practice but will be monumentally better. - We probably wont see so many nooby maps because of my above point, but we are getting them from 343 regardless. (Entombed omg lol facepalm)