forge question concerning crates

[Note: problem solved.]
(crate, large and crate, packing, small) in particular.)

i’m working on the final touches of a new map and i’d like to use these crates in certain areas to provide cover and make some rooms a bit more dynamic vertically. the reason i’d like to use crates is that they are movable objects, meaning that vehicles, explosions, and other forces can move them from their intended areas, essentially breaking covered areas.

the problem is that once these objects are physically moved by force they eventually despawn, never to respawn again. i’ve tried setting their spawn time to 180 in hopes that after 3 minutes they would all respawn to their intended areas, but the result is the same. after being moved, they despawn and never return.

what’s really lame about it is that the game actually deletes the object from the map entirely, returning it’s value to the budget. so far, i haven’t actually played the map in anything but forge mode. perhaps if i were to run a simple slayer-type and give it a test, they would come back?

any ideas on fixing this or alternatives would be appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should test it in an actual custom game and see if it respawns.

doing that now. it seems they do work in customs. i suppose the spawn timer doesn’t run while forging or something like that. i’ll just have to make sure to never touch the stupid things while forging i guess. still kind of lame. :confused:

meh. crysis averted!