Forge Querry (missing options)

So ive been on and off testing the new forge, amongst playing MM, my question is How come zoom in and Slow toggle Have been disabled for halo 4 I ask this because It is necessary for making maps that take Precise care.

Sure you have magnets, and whilst it works for linear maps, other more careful maps that use phased objects are more tricky to use now since you have to Nudge the item with much care as opposed to zooming in and placing the object where it needs to be, or slow moving the objects into place.

Im not sure what or who made the suggestion to not include these options, (unless im missing the button change) it should have been left thumbstick in which is currently (under halo 4 defaults) not accosiated to anything…This makes things way more of a hasle then it needs to be.

Also magnets dont allow you to snap to any position in the object, only its snap points which is good for new creative minds, but is very frustrating for experienced or casual forgers.

Any plans on rectifieing this, or a guide if it is available to what button it is by halo 4 default control.

also before i forget, dont think im bashing 343 for this misnomer, forge mode is freaking amazing but whether they thought it best to disable or not include these features for the public use, is a mystery because that was the way many of us forged, maybe it means i have to adapt, sure i can try, but it will take alot more time to complete the same results by about 3 times just from how i see it anyways, but other forgers agreed it was a silly thing to leave out.

Because accessibility for newcomers is more important than support of dedicated, experienced people.

> Because accessibility for newcomers is more important than support of dedicated, experienced people.

This post just frustrates me. How hard is it to use a fine editing tool that makes it an advanced tool for experienced forgers?

I was taking the piss.

I wonder the same thing. It is far more frustrating and I do not know to the magnets are intended to be used. They don’t “force” edges to line up as some say. An example is taking the coli walls and laying them on their side. Turn on magnets and the edges appear to line up. Save and reload and the magnets on do not realign the coli wall edges - in fact they get in the way of trying to straighten out the edges. I am with you, I would love to understand how to use the tools more efficiently and what 343i intended with the magnets. I just don’t see the benefits.

I hope this question gets answered. The lack of ‘fine tuning’ in Forge is a HUGE oversight…unless I’m missing how to do it.

you’re not missing anything.

well im working on a map right now, so we will see, but ya an update to add this is needed…at least sometime down the road