Forge Problems to be fixed

Okay this is not an anger thread or a place to complain, this is for genuine things that need to be fixed in a calm and civilized fashion…
Im gonna start it off:

-We need a central button, this will make all blocks automatically level off flat so we are able to has a flat surface (one main issue im having is nothing is flat or level.)
-Rotation snaps need to be fixed, they seem to have a mind of there own, they need to work properly so if i want it to 20 degrees itll go 20 degrees in the way im moving the stick to… not in the opposite direction.
-magnets need a slight tweak as most of the time the pieces will connect how they should but sometime i try to connect them and itll go slightly off and go under the magnet point…
-When you go into the water and want to place grass terrain down you cant as it mimics the terrain under the water so youre unable to make a map with water without having it as wet sand… be much more useful to have a choice to use grass!

If there are any other things, please say and ill add them to the list!