Forge problem need help

I built a map in skybox with respawn points. But the first time I spawn I spawned on the growned. I check that I had 16 points on the map and 84 that are possible to place, so I didn’t leave any. I tried more people but it still makes everyone spawn on the growned, and one in the cript (lol to him).

So if someone knows how to fix this please tell me!

If its a basic forge trick sorry for not knowing because I usually forge in Reach. But for my map it would be better in 3.

Did you press start and choose ‘Change Game Mode’ and choose the game mode you were intending the map to play for?

For example, you will have to change the game mode to Infection if it is going to be an Infection map to place spawns specifically for Infection.

Thank you The Little Moa. You have really helped