Forge Prefabs Glitching out

I’ve been starting to use forge again and I bookmarked some prefabs to look at and it won’t let me view the second page of bookmarks I have. When clicking RT to advance pages it just shows me the stuff from the first page. Also when trying to place some prefabs they spawn outside the map boundaries and the moment I move them inside I glitch to under the map along with the prefab, effectively preventing me from placing things on my map. Has anyone else experienced this/know how to fix it?

Hmm… that’s strange :neutral_face:

I’ve had the same issue since they added prefab.

I’ve also had this issue. 343 didn’t pay too much attention with the Forge UI updates.
I would clear out the prefabs I don’t need, and try to limit myself to one page.

Bookmarks are broken. You may not be able to bookmark new content, or view past the first 12 results. A fix is coming at some point?

When Placing objects, keep them selected until you place them, so if you need to delete it for any reason, you can. This issue has been present since Forge’s release, and I don’t imagine it will be fixed along with other older issues like jittering scripted objects.