Forge potential

I think forge world is the best ever innovation for Halo series, because original halo maps always are the weakness of this game. Since halo 1, someone was beautiful, but many other are very bad. In fact, we still use halo 1&2 maps for team slayer… The forge maps, however simple and spartan, saved the gameplay to the boredom.

So, All people think that Halo is not good as olds halo, many people leave it fot playingn call of duty, battlefiled ecc…needs a courage act:

  1. Return to old gameplay (offtopic in this thread)
  2. Allow people to forge better maps with a new version of forge world.

even though actual forge tools are very simple, right now some community maps are very good, and a few of this are taked for the official playlist, unfortunately. If you made a more professional forge world version, i’m sure this game could be return to better quality.

Sorry for the language, and sorry if this post maybe appear conceited. Is not a critique, it’s only love for this game, since halo 2.