Forge pallete could be of Crossfire and Trench?

I noticed how simple and basic the layouts of Crossfire and Trench are. The objects themselves seem like forge pieces. I’m not sure about anyone else but I belive Crossfire and Trench could be an example of the forge pallete.


> 2533274858277987;2:
> *palette

Didn’t realize that till you mentioned.

It sure looks like it. I’d be surprised if crossfire wasn’t a forged map.

I really hope it would be possible to choose the palette in the new Forge mode. Maybe even change weather conditions and time of day. It’d be cool if Forge was made a proper map editor.

I personally would love that pallete to be available, the colors mesh well, unlike H2A or Halo 4’s Forge.

I’m pretty sure Crossfire has been confirmed as a Forge map for a while now.