Forge options

I am trying to make a game type for flood. I would like weapons placed on the map. I have placed them, and labeled them as game type flood.

they dont show up when I play test it. Is there an option I am missing in the game mode? Something like “enable map weapons?”

Once again this is for flood.


Okay, before you get a red-edit for bumping a thread, I must inform you that there is no solution to you problem.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to enable/disable on map weapon spawns in Custom Games any more. It is only possible through Ordnance.

Since Flood does not allow on-map weapons by default, and there is no option to toggle them… I’m afraid that you are out of luck… Sorry.

So if I have to use ordnance I noticed it was “random” and when I placed three shotguns for example they would only show up after one was picked up. Is there a way for more control? This also doesn’t allow me to make the magnum, the main weapon I would like to place, available for resupply.

Anyone particularly good with forge want to give me your live tag and help out a previous halo’s forger trying to make it in this new crazy world?