Forge Object Variety: Is too many a good thing?

I’ve been messing with forge mode for a while now, and I’ve gotten used to the control scheme (it’s actually not too bad!). Now, I’m finding myself unable to build things. The problem I’m running into is that there’s simply too many options for objects to use; I don’t know where to even start. Even if I have an idea in mind, it’s difficult to realize it because I can’t find the right kind of object.

As backwards as this may sound, I actually miss the object sets we had in Halo 3 as well as the 2.0 forge (Reach, 4, H2A). They were simple and typically universally compatible with each-other. Now we have floor options of 16x32x4, 32x16,8, etc, etc…


One suggestions is the act of modes being added to forge, where some modes are for the more advanced forging where people want to be more precise, and one where the more relaxed forgers who want to mess around. Forge is better simplified for some people, and this could help. People like me are new to forge and I don’t play with it much, so a more simplified version of forge can be less intimidating for people trying out the new forge like myself

My friend this is the best possible kind of ‘problem’.

Do not ask for any system for issues where the actual solution is player behavior. ‘Seeing too many things’ is a very first world kind of problem to have.

I LOVE the new Forge. It helps to figure out that you’ll find the same item in several menus. When you’re looking for a block of a certain size, remember that when it asks for a height and length or whatever, you’re merely limiting it’s search parameters. Accents in the Structures menu has a TON of stuff, so look there if you wanna add some detail. Props are good too, and are organized by theme, although some items have more than one theme associated to them, so you’ll find an item in two or three lists, usually.