Forge multi flag CTF

Halo Feach Forge Problem

I am creating a slender game varient using multi flag CTF, the reason for this is I want the players that are running from slender (the other team/ person) to capture the 8 flags I have set throught the map. Then once they have the flag return it to where they spawned ( the spawn point is next to the capture point) in doing this they “beat” slender. One of my first problems though is that I have set all flags to blue team, set the capture to blue , and both to the advance thing capture_flag_return(something like that), and when I test the map (so ive got it where the map variant and mode are compatible) but the flags won’t spawn!!! I need and would appreciate any help on this and further problems thanks in advance.

> <mark>and both to the advance thing capture_flag_return(something like that</mark>), and when I test the map (so ive got it where the map variant and mode are compatible) but <mark>the flags won’t spawn!!!</mark>

I think the problem is that the flags are just ‘flags’ and the place you want to take them to is ‘flag_return’.

If they are all ‘flag_return’ the system does’nt know where to spawn a flag, just where to collect them.

Does that make any sence to you? :confused:

Yes it does I will try

Ok I changed all the flag points to CTF instead of CTF_FLAG_RETURN and it still didn’t show the flags but now it show a star thing above the capture plate (before though the flag stand pieces one of the had this same star thing). Also i can change the The GAME TPE LABELS to be CTF,CTF_FLAG_RETURN, CTF_RES_ZONE, CTF_RES_ZONE_AWAY, or TEAM_ONLY.

Are you testing this with someone on the other team? If you test ctf alone, flags don’t spawn.

That’s probably it I have not been trying it with more than one person.

Didn’t work used two one each team no flags on any flag stands

Wait it spawned a flag at the slender spawn but the normal person or slender can’t pick up the flag. Also I didn’t place a flag stand where the flag spawned, idk help

I’ll take a look at it if you put this on your file share. mabe there’s something your missing? mabe it won’t do what you’re asking of it? I donno, send me a message on xbl or pm me. I’ll see what I can do for you.

Thank you I’ll put it on there but it will probably be tomorrow afternoon at the earliest till I can put it on my file share

Just uploaded to my file share, it’s the two files with slender in them,slender, slender clean. You Need both of them cause I’m doing it on the slender clean map.