Forge Mode Object Spawning Bug - Please Fix.

Hey, I’m an avid forger and over the years I would like to think I’ve become quite competent at forging.

While the new and “improved” Forge, with its tasty variety of maps and pieces, offers a wider range of features and tools, it has allowed me to delve deeper into my bank of ideas and really stretch my creative muscles.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of bugs that are preventing some of those ideas from becoming a reality. Not shortcomings, not missing features, not limitations, and certainly not inexperience on my part - a persistent and all-too-frequent bug in the mode itself for something that has been with Halo’s Forge-mode since the very start.

Object Spawn Timer Bug

The spawn timer bug has prevented me from having complete control over objects as they spawn. Some pieces spawn in at the very start and some refuse to spawn in at all. Manually altered or duplicated, all pieces misbehave in this way.

Example: I have a KotH variant that has 4 Green Lights, a Shield Door and a Soft Kill Zone at the starting spawn area. I need them all to spawn 7 seconds after players spawn in on initial spawn pads.

Object setup for each is:
“Spawn at Start: Disabled”, “Spawn Time: 17 seconds”, “Spawn Sequence: 0”, “Min count: 0” and “Max count: (4 for lights, 1 for Kill Zone/Shield door)”. Despite this, the green lights and Kill Zone are spawning at the start and the shield door never spawns… ever.

This is not an isolated case, and I’ve had this problem on all 4 of my Forge maps so far. I even had to give up with my previous map when some wall pieces refused to work spawning in unison despite being carbon copies of each other with identical object options not to dissimilar from the options above. I simply can’t get delayed object spawning to work in Halo 4 and I’ve used this feature successfully in both Halo 3 and Reach in the past making Invasion maps, Racetracks, KotH variants, trick-jumping maps and more - but in Halo 4 it’s simply bugged to not work as intended nearly every time.

So 343, can you do me a favour and give this a look over sooner rather than later? It’s not something to add to your “to do” list as it’s an important and integral part of forging - and lets be blunt on a personal level, it’s the only thing other than Spartan Ops keeping me playing this game since the multiplayer’s lost its competitive edge with that overcompensating aim assist/bullet magnetism.