Forge Mode (Multiplayer and Local)

I have played a variety of RTS games, but Halo Wars always managed to stand out as a favorite of mine. As I was playing the beta, I was thinking about the potential of Halo Wars 2 if it included an interface that allowed players to create and share their own take on the game. This would be similar to the already existing forge system that is in normal Halo titles. In addition, I already have mentioned that I’ve previously played RTS games. In particular, StarCraft 2 had a sort of “arcade setting” where players and developers create new game modes. Now, before I continue, I am not asking for a copy of StarCraft 2; however, I think that maybe Halo Wars Developers can use what has already been created to guide them in creating this sort of “forge mode” (once again, I am not advocating for a copy, just listing examples). I understand that this idea is far-fetched, as Halo Wars 2 has already been in development for such a long time and that such a change may be impossible, but I thought it would be worth a try!

Thank you and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

I’ve played rts with map editors, I was also crossing my fingers for forge in halo wars 2.

Gold idea!

Maybe more like a sandbox mode, where you can do anything you like at will?