Forge matchmaking playlist idea

(Copy paste from a reddit thread I made.
Link to og thread )

First of all I know there has been -Yoink- tons of forge playlist posts, but this ones a bit more unique than the others!

So with the first week it starts with 5 maps. then every week we vote for 2 too stay, then we vote for 2 new maps to replace the ones leaving in rotation then 343 either makes or picks 1 map.

And if a map makes it through 2-3 rounds it gets placed in a normal playlist.
I don’t think it should be ranked, because if there was different modes like ffa, action sack gametypes, or even competitive breakout. The rank wouldn’t matter! (also jip)
Thoughts? The only other things I can think of is maybe have two playlists. One for ffa and one for 4v4. And maybe we could have more than 5 maps In the playlist, if their were 2 playlist I think 5 would be fine but if their was only one maybe bump it up to 6-8 maps or so.
Ps: wrote this on mobile so be friendly to my big stupid thumbs on this small -Yoink- keyboard!