Forge Maps

please I really hope someone that works in 343 read this, I really don’t enjoy forge maps at all, okay it’s cool to have 4 or 5 maps in the multi-player section, but come on, reach? is full of them and halo is not the same… halo has no color just grass and metal, and everyone gets bored on playing on the same maps with no color, a lot of people didn’t like reach because of that but no one has ever do or try doing anything to stop this in another halo game, what I’m looking forward with this post is to get 343 employees to read this and like do something to bring halo back, because I personally believe in you guys, people trash talk them without giving them a chance, I know bungie is good but come on they screwed halo with reach and what ever, maybe 343 will be worst, same or even better than bungie… I’m actually excited of a new developer lunching halo… please don’t ruin halo with lots of forge maps and that stuff. PLEASE!!

I agree, forge maps are boring ( graphicaly talking ) . Yes, it is easier to make new maps using forge but more colors should be added. The most colorful thing in Reach’s forge is a street cone.