Forge maps..... ruined slayer for me.

Am I the only one who does not like the forge maps?

Halo 5 was so much fun the first few weeks. Since this forge update, it is just not the same. I miss all the other maps.

Play Strongholds then. It has regular maps and is a fairly fun gametype for being a mix of Territories and Dominion Small.

Yup, definitely am. Just wondering the overall sentiment of the forge maps.

I don’t particularly like any of the maps except Truth and Regret.

I think its just a way they can showcase how great forge is gonna be. Yeah its not particularly fun everything is grey and it makes the experience feel a little less “authentic”.

but as someone who enjoys forging; especially MLG maps; and absolutely loved onslaught; its exciting to see for me.

I don’t mind the maps other than the lighting in some areas. In that sense, Pegasus is better imo. When playing on Orion a lot of the times it’s like 2 black teams going against each other rather than red vs blue.

Haha yeah the lighting can be bad; but on the other maps as well! Whats that map where blue team blends in way too well?