Forge Maps in Playlist

Does anyone remember those good and HORRIBLE maps from Halo 3 and Reach? I mean some of those were good and some of them should have never won those contests… But Bungie slapped them on into the playlist and we were all happy to see them.

From remakes to elaborately maps we haddiversity and player skill shown. Even better we all ha chances to submit our own ideas in and waitto see if we won or lost or who the hell beat us.

What I’m trying to say, or rather ask is: Why hasn’t Halo 4 gotten with the program? 343i or not these guys helped made the forge maps on playist happen before so they cna do it again.

In a way, this decision belongs to the community, since a majority of the maps are being made by non-343 Xbox live users.

[Finally figured out how to use colors :)]