Forge maps in matchmaking?

First I think it’s only fair to give 343 a big thanks for making what I think is the best Halo in years. Great job guys - Love the campaign, LOVE the multiplayer and prefer Spartan ops over Firefight any day.

I have been wondering though. 10 maps in multiplayer quickly gets repetitive - and i know map packs are on the way - but why not include the premade variants of forge maps Impact, Ravine and Erosion in matchmaking? Those are great maps and it would add just a bit more variation. Please consider this.

Keep up the good work!

The main reason they aren’t in is because of how bad the original Reach forge maps were and the uproar about them, and then the continous bad maps that kept getting added into Matchmaking with only a weeks noticed before the Matchmaking update, which was ridiculous.

If anything, I’d blame the Cartographers for putting forward those maps, but then again, the Matchmaking team takes the blame for saying yes and keeping them in after the complaints.

I can see the point, and I grew tired of overly used forge maps in Reach as well.
But that would not be a problem if just a single version of Impact, Ravine and Erosion were added - they would just be 3 more great maps to the matchmaking rotation.

In Infinity Slayer it rotates between the same 4-5 maps over and over again - adding the premade versions of Impact and Ravine would require zero effort from 343s side and add some more variation. Appart from that I think Impact is one of the most awesome maps they’ve made, its such a waste not using it in matchmaking.