Forge Maps in H2A playlists

The Halo 2 Anniversary forge was one of the best parts of the Master Chief Collection. Completely overhauled, with the potential to easily create and recreate maps with ease.

I understand that they would not make more H2A maps (relic remake was obviously a bonus), but they’ve proven to us that it would be easy to remake maps such as beaver creek, foundation or turf, plus many more.

I am sure there are a large number of people who have created or recreated maps featured in previous games, and placed into playlists.

My question is why these haven’t been added to the H2A playlist, or why there isn’t an action sack for custom gametypes and maps.

Now the Majority of bugs and matchmaking issues have been fixed, people need a reason to start playing halo again. Ranked is one reason for me, but I am worried that matchmaking will suffer if people aren’t getting enough out of it.

What maps and gametypes would people like to see reintroduced or placed into the hoppers?

Action sack!