Forge maps and Spartan ops

As all who have played spartan ops may know some missions are on war games maps. I was wondering if the opposite could be done where they move over some of the larger original maps not available in forge and war games such as the desert one. If it could be done, I like many others who consider forge much more limited than before, would be extremely happy to be able to create content that we are currently unable to create with the rather restrictive maps ravine and erosion. Does anyone know if this is possible. It would also be nice to get 343 to see this question/idea and get an official response.

Um, actually most of the other spartan ops maps are from campaign, not even those are new. Like quarry? That was actually where you rode around on the Mammoth. When you play campaign again you’ll see them pop up. Sniper valley too, and I think fortress as well. Some of the maps like harvester are unique, however. I’m not sure about refuge or cauldron, but then again aren’t they all the same? All the forerunner maps are noticeably similar. I’m sure the devs can make those things very quickly at this point… Maps in Reach had quite a bit more detail. Like breakable glass and monitors.

thanks for the anwser!