forge map

on all the halo in the forge it is wirten some players are not allowd to acces user created content but i have no moded map

I think I know what you are talking about. When you load up a custom game lobby or forge and try to use a map, does it say that you cannot use “user created content”? If that’s the problem, it has nothing to do with your Halo settings, but it’s simply your privacy settings. From the dashboard, select “Edit Profile”, then “Privacy Settings” and then for “Member Content” select “Everyone” and give it another shot.

It’s your family settings for someone’s account.

I kid you not, you can set up your Xbox to prevent what we’ll call your main account from accessing content. It’s not even a matter of parental controls for rated content. You can set accounts to be completely restricted by using the Xbox for anything but DVDs.

So somewhere in you system settings you have content set to resticted.

ok thank you i will go an try that now an i will tell you if it has worked

thank you very very very much man your my god thank you thank you thank you… ist has been 4 months that it dedent work

No problem, I had the same problem myself. I set all my privacy setting to friends only, and I guess I had clicked user-created content to “dis-allow” as well. I thought I was banned! lol

yes me to but now that i have my map back wher are the bombs for GGL