Forge Map Thumbnail

Take screenshot of Forge map, go to Forge map in menu, click “Apply Screenshot,” choose screenshot of map, apply as thumbnail.

Please, 343i, this would be so freaking nice. I can’t tell you how much I hate seeing the Forge World thumbnail.

Yes, it is definitely needed since there’ll be only three forge environments, not that that’s not enough, it’s more than enough. I don’t see the point in just seeing a picture of an empty variant of the map.

It should be like the loadout camera you placed in Halo Reach forge and you should be able to preview it.

Yea. I would like to use a picture of our creations as the pic you see before downloading the map. It help determine what the creation will look like. Great idea.

I’ve been saying this since Halo 3. One of the worst things ever is sitting in a lobby saying “hmmm what is this map?” Pick it and then remember it was a map that you don’t like very much.

Yeah, a thumbnail would be useful when you want to see what a map looks like. The ability to link a screenshot to a map would also be useful, like in the Halo 3 File Browser system on