Forge map social playlist chance

Look i know we can play custom game etc but it take sometime up to 20-30 to even get 16 players for a big team map. Even with the new fantastic lfg update. My idea is to add in a new section to the social playlist . Called forged maps social.
It means all the maps out there can be played fast and everyone who likes fresh new maps will be happy. Taken in to consideration all maps been played will have to match all the rules set out by halo.timers for weapons etc, Which i hope you can add in guides to follow on the game its self instead off have to chase around the web for advice on i have found people who think they know say different from the other one who knows everything. Halo really needs to make guide clear and easy. Forge map social can have different section for mini games ,
btb 8v8 (my fav ) 2v2 & 4v4
You will have to submit you map for testing and if playable your map gets put on for 1 week along with the 12 other maps off the same game type. At the end off ever map played. You have the option to like the map and bookmark. This will hopefully provide halo with some off the newest best maps and will definately encourage people to forge more and new forgers too to have a go. Share this if you think would be a good idea

I’d be down

I could see this being a cool fun addition to halo