Forge Map Remakes...Expanding Size. Dear Forgers.

Hey everyone…
So recently, lots of map remakes have been made.
Including Ivory Tower…Warlock…and others.
However, all the map remakes that I have seen…have been expanded in size.
I understand this.
It is to make “room” for clamber and thruster.
I was wondering if any “original size” remakes have been made.
Personally, I have made a “Classic” gametype…and am wanting to test this.
So forgers, any of you got maps which aren’t made bigger for Halo 5?

Got any links or such to explain what you mean? With the way some players want to be able to play a very classic Halo, and how BTB maps are small compared their original themed versions, that you’d find nothing but exploded maps instead of faithful scale recreations seems off.

Have you visited ForgeHub?