Forge Map Pack 2: Escape

Hi all got my complete second map pack to show off here, im afraid theres little levolution due to trying to implement it effectively and the ideas i have just arent do able in forge atm im afraid…
But here they are:

Link 1 has: Razor Edge and Derailment

Link 2 has: Supply

All 3 maps are in the same map pack its just these are posts i made before and it keeps it cleaner instead of posting them again, anyway let me know what you all think of them, i have started on Map Pack 3 but i have only finished the first map which was inspired by a map ive made before on H|R.

All maps support Team Slayer, Juggernaut, all slayer based game modes, Razor Edge and Supply both support Territories.
All maps are also only in Beta stage, like Map Pack 1 they all need to be tested at some point, just finding people who are able to come on during british times…

Thanks all, please ask any questions you have and let me know what you think, ill bring out a trailer for them soon and a walk through of all the maps in map pack 1!