Forge Map Frequency - Too much?

Hello everyone,

TLDR: Halo 3 BTB has forge maps popping up too much. Is this your experience too? If so are you cool with the frequency of forge maps? (all of them sandbox ones).

Halo 3 in particular has a lot of forge maps. Some are okay while others are really painful to play on. When a forge map comes up I kind of accept my fate and power on as someone in the match is bound to enjoy the map.

However, my issue kind of lies in the frequency of forge maps. Anytime I find myself on Halo 3 (BTB) me and my buddies find ourselves in a forge map courtesy of Sandbox. I legit have not played Avalanche or Valhalla since the beginning of March if I recall correctly.

Anyone else finding the frequency of forge maps on Halo 3 unbearable?

I guess I miss the Halo 3 and Halo Reach days of being able to vote for a map rather than being stuck on Sandboxe’s variety of plain forge maps.

I’d have to agree. It feels like they’re weighted very strongly and I’m not sure why. It’s cool to have them show up from time to time, but I don’t want to play Sandbox forge maps 70% of the time I play BTB. I don’t think a veto is the best option, but I do really think they could afford to tune down how often those maps are played.

Exactly, if you ask me, the worst part is that they don’t appear in the customs browser so you can’t play them to learn spawns or the layout. Plus they are just bland, reminds me of Halo 5 where they made 6 actual maps while the rest were made in forge.