Forge Map: EX (UNSC Munitions Facility on Reach)

About the Map:
This is an abandoned munitions facility based on Planet Reach. After the glassing, this settlement was left to decay in the bitter storms on that glassed surface. Ash pours down from the sky and creates a dark and sinister ambient effect. What I drive with on my forge maps is to create things that people would never believe were built on forge. I lay emphasis on every detail and make it look less like a forge block, and more like a united part of a professionally grafted world.

You can view the introduction here: Gamer DVR - Xbox clips, Twitch clips and streams, Xbox screenshots, Xbox videos, Xbox DVR and more on Gamer DVR!

Keep in mind that it is only a temporary clip and will be changed before long.

How does it play?
This map is packed full of a little bit of everything. A tightly enclosed container yard that stands in the middle of the map and serves as an intense CQB area. Long lines of sight and upper levels grant DMR and BR lovers a good ground to work with, just beware the storm creates difficulty. This level was truly built for warthogs to sail between rough structures and engage targets up close. Various map dynamics are present, opening and closing doors as well as vents to craw through.

Of course the famous Base VS Base setup is present. Red and Blue team start with their own dedicated bases and can battle it out with intense games of CTF and big team battle. If you want more of a Small team slayer experience, try Green VS Yellow team for spawns nearer the container yard.

Want to join us?
If you ever feel interesting in joining in our game nights feel free too. Just add me and I’ll return the favour and send out invites whenever possible.

To download the map, add “RAXS SLAYER”, to Join in, send a friend request to the same GT.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy the map.