Forge map crashes when loading/spawning

So, I’ve been making this recreation of “Great Fox” from the Star Fox franchise, but now when I try to load it (depending on if I use a slightly older version or not) I either get ‘problem with dedicated server’ or the game can’t properly spawn me when I hit F6 to test things out. Even in custom games, the map will load, but then nothing happens after I spawn, the game just stops. I can’t even end the game I have to leave it. Does anyone know what is going on?

Try this!

goto server and select “OFFLINE” then load your map and see if your map will load.

Just incase you did not know The Custom Games Area is broken,

Here is how I get it to work!

Hope that helps :love_you_gesture:

Thanks for your help, but I fixed it by loading a previous version of the map that wasn’t bugged and saved that.