Forge Map Crash

I was about about 50% through creating a map that had already taking 10+ hours to create and was optimistic on the direction it was going. I’ve been watching videos on YouTube to help me add certain scripting to my map and I found one on pressure plate doors. Thought it would well in my map so I decided to give it a look and test how it would work in my map. After adding it the game would crash every time I tried to select the script brain. Unfortunately though I had already saved and through my own fault had not saved previous versions of the map. Now every time I go into forge that map I spawn froze in space and cannot move, the only thing I can do is bring up the start menu. So if anyone knows a fix or if 343 is addressing these issues in an update I would appreciate it. Thanks

As an added note, I am able to run around the map in custom games but forge is froze.

Update: Apparently this is because just before I did this I added one initial spawn point. Other people are having the same problem and they were saying it was because of a blocked spawn. Please 343 this needs to be fixed.

Update: Alright I found a fix for this spawning issue. You’re going to need a friend to download the map from you then have him load the map up in forge and then join in progress. After that just slap a couple of respawn points in and your good. Hopefully this helps someone because it is very frustrating.