Forge Map corrupted....

Oh what a joy it is to stumble upon this glitch…

It really bums me out when I am just happily forging, and all of a sudden all I can do is move back and forth a small bit with my camera. Nothing else! Only pressing start and back works. The back shows me the leaderbord showcasing me as “dead”.

Restarting Forge or the entire game didn’t help either. I Just get stuck somehow. Even though I placed initial and normal spawnpoints on my map… (눈︹눈)

I was making a map with the floor as pallets with here and there some objects. Players would be equipped with Plasma Pistols and shoot the pallets so their opponents would fall to their death.

luckily I saved a bunch of floors as prefabs so I can quickly put the map back together again.

But why should I try again if this glitch can fudge me over at any point?