Forge Map "B051" gameplay testing for improvements

Send me a message on Xbox Live if you want to help playtest and contribute to my map
My Gamertag: OLAF 022

Info on the map:
Dropship B051 was forced to make an emergency landing when engaged by covenant Anti-Air. Thanks to a skilled pilot, the ship was able to land close to the battery and out of the danger of the high wind sandstorm.

On the attacker side is a crashed dropship on the defender side is a covenant anti air battery

Current plans for changes/additions:
-More rocks/ dead trees
-More covenant structures
-Prevent players from escaping map
-More thought-out spawns/weapons

Dropship 1
Dropship 2
Dropship interior
Covenant Battery 1
Covenant Battery 2
Cave Covenant Side
Cave Dropship Side
Sandstorm Edge