Forge makes my tiny brain hurt

Is there a way to toggle between to a more classic “just grab stuff and move it around” control mode, and then switch to precision movement only if I actually need it for something?

I feel like I could do a lot more in a much shorter amount of time if I didn’t have to wrestle with the controls and point and click at precise spots on the popup axis to make it happen.


I said the exact same in my recent video review. Forge is great and all, no complaints there.

But damn, it’s so hard to get started. It’s not even a case of me not knowing how to use it, there’s just too much going on to decide what to use and where. I think we need a ‘Reach’ mode where it’s much more basic for people who want to make fun and chill maps.

Don’t get me wrong, Forge rocks, but it’s onboarding process is ludicrously complex.

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Does it just feel like it’s a practice practice practice and learn as you go? Like you need that hands on experience to gain the skill and knowledge to forge efficiently?

Are you using kbm or controller. I’ve heard controller is a bit easier (it what I use).

Also you can change the control scheme to something more intuitive. It’s on the fifth tab when you open the build menu.

They at the vary least should implement some kind of tutorial in it that gives hints and tips. Or a series of videos for beginners to advanced.

They just kinda drop you in and are like “Good luck”. I don’t like that. Plus they haven’t really captured that sort of drop in and have fun aspect of Halo 3 and reach forge.

By that I mean sometimes after work I’m tired and I don’t even really want to play MM or build things. Sometimes I like to just go in forge and spawn a bunch of stuff and mess with the sandbox.

And I don’t think I’m alone in this. It’s much harder to do it on Infinite because it doesn’t feel like you’re a kid in a sandbox playing with sand. It feels like a legitimate dev tool. Which is incredible, to be sure! But the fun aspect is missing from it.

Everyone should feel invited to have jump in and play and come across those sort of accidental findings. I don’t personally feel that with this.

The UI doesn’t help either. Everything feels just pale and ugly and unsegmented, despite having drop down folders.

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give it time and dig through the menus. for all the crap i give 343 over the state of everything else halo related, this forge is not one of them. best analogy of it i’ve seen is forge went from being like a toy house to being a box of customizable legos. pretty wild what can be made.

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Definitely, back when you actively forget inside the gameplay engine, and you didn’t need to manually swap between the world being an editor, and then load all the physics to mess around. It was fun grabbing people’s vehicles and kicking them out while the drove around, or messing with the physics while editing.

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Just give me the Halo Reach controls back and all the pieces from the Forge system in previous Halo games and I’ll be happy

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No it’s fine, it’s a brain scratcher. I’m trying to learn scripting and… hoooooh… It’s haaaard.

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Lucky I had some experience with scripting on Little Big Plant and Project Spark but if i didn’t play those game I’d be lost as what to do in this Forge.


I continue to try and watch various videos but the scripting system seems like a play and learn to learn how to utilize it. Good luck Spartan.

Yep, is the one thing 343 is AMAZING at. Each version they’ve made has opened up new possibilities.

I just want the simple Halo Reach controls back it would be nice if they added a simplified version for players like my self

I disagree with this, in my experience, KB/M is a lot better for forge as it’s much more reminiscent of classic map editors in PC shooters (which is what I have experience in). Compared to something like Hammer, Forge is crazy intuitive on KB/M

I thought 343i did do a video series showcasing Forge and giving tips? Either that, or you can look for videos from other creators and the Forge documentation.

haha good luck. scripting anything ain’t easy.

I’m saying they should do it in the game itself. Most people aren’t gonna want to go look for a video. 343 needs to stop putting things in external apps. Having tool tips while you forge would also be beneficial. You want more people forging, so you have more people playing your game

I do think an in-game tutorial would also be beneficial to new forgers who don’t want to alt-tab in and out of the game and a youtube video

IT’S REALLY NOT but it’s doable!