Forge looks... spectacular..

That is all.

No gametypes. Means nothing until we get gametypes. The twitch chat was going nuts spamming “Infection?” and asking about gametypes. Still nothing. It is starting to get really frustrating at this point.

They said that their were people working on game modes.

One word: WHALES

Forge looks amazing!!!

More gametypes would be great byt I’m thrilled to see forge look how it does.

It looks neat but most of the things I want to forge aren’t possible because all of the gametypes are missing.

It does look extremely pleasing. I would hate to see it go almost entirely to waste by sub-par search and file sharing features…

Yeah the Forge is Mindblowing, can’t wait for that Update and the Future as well!

Do they have a way to paint or color parts of the map so that all forge maps don’t look so forgy? Also, another complaint about the forge maps is when they show up to play, it just shows the plain forge field instead of a screenshot of what the map actually looks like. A way to make it show what the map actually looks like when selecting a map would be awesome.

Scripting in forge seems pretty good and much more versatile than Halo 2 Anniversary.

Here is an example.

My mind was blown! I can’t imagine that they have two types of cones now!
Jk… The freaking man cannon fine tuning was incredible as well as the other new features. Can’t wait to spend a lot of time in this forge!

Ya I just love scripted events. Even a making switch open doors gave me a semi in the past, but now…