[FORGE] Lethbridge Arena (pics and video)

I designed a new arena for Grifball that I dubbed Lethbridge Arena, after Lethbridge Industrial. My friends told me that it’s an epic design, and that I should try to get it out into the community, so here it is! To make it I actually measured out Grifball Court in forge and made it as close as I felt necessary to the size. I also added in the stands and Pelicans (which you spawn in) as I felt that Grifball Court’s main flaw is that it has no scenery around it. Anyways, I present Lethbridge Arena!

Here are the screenshots of the map and a clip of the intro.
Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Gj8oD | Video: - YouTube

If you want to download it just add RogueTalon257 and it’s right there in my File Browser. Let me know what you think!