Forge Lessons

I just thought of the website

as this is a new game, there’s always new people to forge because once again it has been improved and is now easier to use, and because of this I would like to link this page ( ) for people new to designing their own maps.

The website has tons of tips to help you create cool maps for your friends and the community, but the tips are not rules, just guidelines to improve or perfect your maps, thus the name : Reaching Perfection.

I’m not sure if this is allowed, because I’m not trying to advertise my website because it’s not my website, it’s someone else’s and I just want to share it with the community that is.

TL;DR it’s a website with guidelines for improving map design.

That is a lot of tips. As a fairly experienced forger my self though, I would agree that a lot of those tips are helpful. There are a few I found to be interesting so thanks for showing this site.

No problem (:
still going through the lessons