Forge Lesson 45: Pacing

Wuts up Waypoint? I know that some of you have moved your hang out spot to over here as opposed to the BNet forums so I am going to start giving everyone a heads up of the Forge Lessons I write every week over here. You may have seen these Forge Lessons somewhere, maybe even on the Comm Chatter. Who knows. Anyways, here is this weeks lesson. It is on the concept of Pacing. If you have not read the Forge Lessons before, I highly suggest you start from lesson 1 and work your way up as each lesson builds on top of previous lessons.

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Lesson 45: Pacing

  • Exploring pacing involves understanding how time and speed relate to your map’s design- Pacing can be used to help create fair and balanced gameplay, even on asymmetrical maps- Understanding the pacing of your maps such as the timing to power weapons and locations can help you understand your map better and make better design decisions

Really Godly? Here too?


> Really Godly? Here too?
> Lulz.

Well of course… that is what advertising is. :stuck_out_tongue: lol… how do you think Forgehub got off the ground?

Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

Multi-Sci-Fi HUD: Forge Lesson 45 has been uploaded to your codex.

I have seen a few of your lessons, they have helped me.

I’ve been following these lessons for quite some time. I like to Forge, but I don’t think I’d ever have the time and patience to create something truly brilliant and original.