Forge Issues general topic

Post various issues that you’ve noticed to plague Forge for the MCC.

My biggest grievance is that you can’t do custom gametypes in Halo 3 Forge, only basic editing. That means no setting goal markers or anything, and it subsequently makes custom games neigh but unplayable.

Any other issues in forge that you’ve noticed? Post em here to limit the number of threads just complaining.

i cannot put some things into my maps! need to be fixed

H2A Forge is pretty broken. I’ve made 2 big project maps in it now and both maps experience some serious frame rate drops, making them unplayable.

First map was a H3 Guardian remake, and object count was pretty much at the max. Tried it couple of times only to realize that it was too glitchy to play :frowning:

Second one I started to forge yesterday. I made an infection map located in a city, kinda looks like a street in Florida or L.A. Turned out to look really nice, not as grey and dull as every other map I’ve seen. All I have left to do in that map is to make the borderlines to it so that it feels like a downtown of a city (a skyscraper wall and some barricades so that you cant get out of the map). I have about 150 objects left so that should be enough, except for the fact that the map is already experiencing that -Yoinking!- FRAME RATE DROPPING!!1

I sincerely hope that they somehow fix this. You cant make a neat map in this game. If you use just walls and blocks for walls, floors and ceiling what do you get? A grey map with sand-iglu looking squares imitating buildings. I used bridges and other objects to make the walls look better. I’ve already put so many hours and so much effort and patience in Forge just to make these 2 maps and I will be so furious if this is a problem they can’t fix…

On another note, I made a symmetrical arena-type map, for 2-4 players. That map naturally isn’t a big map, so it runs without any problems.

So to sum it up, H2A Frame rate dropping is a problem that should be fixed.