Forge Issues and Idea Suggestions

So I’m currently creating a map on forge, and am facing some scripting errors. I’m well aware forge has not yet received an update, and that it’s unreliably buggy, but I’m just trying my luck here.

My first problem - all FX objects are faulty. Sounds and steam fx work while in forge, but not in custom games. Maybe I’m not labelling them correctly? Any help would be great.

My second problem - continuing from the FX objects not working, my fire objects keep deleting themselves, and the scripts don’t work even when they are there. They worked flawlessly in forge, but in custom games their scripts wouldn’t run (I had them set to move on PowerSet On->Zulu).
I’m not expecting them to be reliable for their job which is why I will also need idea suggestions for possible alternatives. I’ll explain my creation first.

I have a cargo door that I am ‘blowing open’. I have the door there, and some exploding barrels phased into the corners of them (the barrels are for an explosion for the aesthetics, and I don’t plan on removing it). I have a switch that when activated, should trigger steam to come out of the barrels, and steam sounds. Also upon activation I have fire objects move towards the barrels. Upon the fire hitting the barrels, they explode and the cargo doors scripts activate - sending the door flying.

As stated before, my fire fx is simply not reliable, and wouldn’t work in custom games. If anyone has ideas on other ways to make the barrels explode that would be great. I have already tried dropping other barrels, or fusion coils onto them (from massive heights) but 343i changed the characteristics of them, and fusion coils no longer explode from being dropped.

I know this is written rather poorly, and lacks structure, but I was in a rush sorry. Anyway, cant wait to hear some responses. Thanks.