Forge issue

I’m here because my forge map is broken : i can’t access to it.
I will explain you my frustration.
I made a map few hours ago and i saved it. It took me like 3 hours of work.
Then when i came back, when i “spawned” : I couldn’t move i don’t know why. I tried to change teams but it’s still not working…
My friend told me that it was because i forgot to put a respawn point i my map because it happened to him too…
I was thinking that you can spawn in a random place if the spawn point is not accessible like in the others Halo. But no, it’s the same problem as before. 343 fixed it a long time ago but it’s still on so please fix this it’s sooo annoying.
Thanks for you answer, sorry for the bad english too.

i’ve posted the same problem all my old to new maps have the same issue i think it has to do with the new April update. i hate these forum sites you can’t get any real help or answers but I hope 343 gets there -Yoink- to gather.

Me too. HELP 343 !!!

Don’t wait june to fix it. Please !!!

hello I map a designer and I board a big problemI’m stuck in my forge map, I can not move me or add blocks. Why ?
I board spend time on the map …sorry for my english I am rotten french

Help me :slight_smile: thank you for your understanding

GT: MajorDaan48