Forge Island respawn points not working.

Hey Everyone,
I’m really new to Halo’s Forge mode (by really new I mean I’ve only ever created one map). I am having trouble with the spawn points though. Everything works fine in Forge, but as soon as I try to play my map through a custom game all I get is suicide. Like seriously every time I start a game I don’t actually get to even start playing because each spawn kills me!!! My map is on the smallest island and so I removed all of the other spawn points. Also, I’ve set up initial spawn points, but my custom game refuses to use them and will only go through my re-spawn points. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I did try putting a re-spawn zone over each spawn point but that didn’t do anything.
Thanks, OlfactoryDog372.

Respawn zones aren’t really necessary if you give each spawn point a team. Have you done that? Also, make sure that the spawn points are in the open, and not obstructed by other objects. If there is anything covering them the game can’t use that spawn point. Lastly, have you put any kill zones on your map? Because perhaps your spawn points are outside of the safe zone and it’s getting you immediately killed.

All my spawn points are set to neutral. Also, I have no kill zones set on my map.
As for having my spawn points obstructed, they are all out in the open and have at least one spawn point width between them and any other structure/item. But is there a reason the Custom Games won’t start me through one of my 27 initial spawn points? I have them set up for 4 teams with 4 players each, and then an additional 11 neutral ones, but the game is only spawning me through the 4 respawn points I have set.

Sorry for the late reply…

Try setting your initial spawns to certain teams, instead of keeping them neutral. The settings with respawn zones can get difficult, so I usually choose not to use them. I know how to use them, so if you’re sure you want to have them, we could probably figure it out.

What gametype are you trying to load? One you made or one built into the game?

The last thing you could try is loading a built-in map and examining how those spawns are set up and comparing it to your map.

Can you put the map on your File Share so I can look at it (and the gametype if it’s one you made)? Or if you’re interested, you could invite me to your game sometime and we could look over the stuff together in forge. Send me a message on Xbox Live if you want to do that.
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