Forge Island Playlist and BTB Pro RULE

I just played these playlists and I have to say they’re awesome! I don’t know how to describe it, but I felt very very happy while experiencing some new flesh**, some new variety.** Today I discovered that this game needed it but I wasn’t knowing.
I also have to say I have my loadouts prepared for June 3rd, one with each precision weapon and one with the AR! Let’s do this: I have more fun by far with H4 than with 3 (Reach was the worst for me).
So I like the CSR (don’t know but to me it works ok), the Pro playlists, the Forge Island gametype and I’m excited about June 3rd.

PD. Love Slayer Pro too because with my 7.1 headset I don’t need a radar :stuck_out_tongue:

PD2: of course a game is never perfect, but to me it’s the funniest game I ever played.

I went back and played Halo 3 yesterday and I must say slayer pro feels a lot like it

Thanks again 343! You guys keep making this game better and better with each update and the Halo 4 today and especially the Halo 4 on June 3rd is and will be so far superior to when it was first released.

Both slayer pro and the forge island playlist are tons of fun. Pro in particular is a breath of fresh air and will be playing a lot of more of slayer just for it.


Like you guys, i’m excited that 343 is listening to the community and making changes. That’s a great sign. Indeed thank you!

I do enjoy slayer pro. But I wish it would be it’s own playlist. After all it is called “Infinity Slayer.” haha!! So while i enjoy slayer pro it’d be nice to join a playlist where I know it will always be slayer pro and one that will always be infinity slayer. For me its mainly because I like to eliminate as many variables as possible and be prepared accordingly. While it’s a small complaint and i’ll live with the combined pro and infinity playlist, I’d much prefer them to be separate. It just adds another element of “randomness” to the game. I’d prefer to be able to select which which game types I play and when I play them. I can imagine it might be annoying if I really want to play infinity slayer so I go in the “Infinity Slayer” playlist and then slayer pro gets voted in 4 times in a row. haha!

And they said that the Big team changes were to remove plasma pistols and plasma nades from big team. I just wish they could have disabled those options from you loadouts rather then force everyone into specific loadouts. However, the slayer pro variant in big team is fun for a change. I know it’s impossible to please everyone and I’m glad they’re trying to meet the community half way!