Forge is the best its ever been.

Im on Youtube right now and im looking at flying ghost, a pinball arena, Moving trains, moving platforms, unlimited vehicle spawns, unlimited nade spawns, transforming bases, real life elevators, mech war arenas, etc. I don’t remember any of these ever being in the previous forges. I must admit the maps are a bit small, but they do get the job done.

I agree with you! It really makes me mad when i see people just constantly ripping on 343, they done a swell job with forge! There’s a couple things like the dynamic lighting that could be fixed (with the whole shadow limit) and such, but other then that it’s good!

The only thing i wish we could get is more Forging Environments :frowning:
Check out my thread for a few minutes, vote on the poll, and drop a comment! It could possibly get us bigger forging environments!

Want more forging enviroments?

I love the forge, but a few things, specifically how you cant make a spawn point come later on in the round like for a progressive flood map can’t be done, its a shame, would give so much more potential for flood maps. PLEASE ADD THIS 343

343 didn’t make forge. Certain Affinity made forge. That’s why it’s so good. Thank them, not 343.

well you can add me to the list of people that would dissagree with you, yes i will admit its nice to see new objects mixed with old objects, but Halo 4 forge IS NOT THE BEST.

You have 3 types of enviroments which is good, but you cant forge on water, and you cant forge around the rock cavern in erosion.

But my biggest complaint is NO PRECISION EDITING!

Here is my first REAL forge map to come in halo 4

So you cant say i have no room to talk.

This IS FORGE 1.5

It doesnt have any way of making you maps smoothly line up if you are wanting to merge items. Magnets only work for items you want to line up on y or x axis, z axis editing is almost non existant where as in reach you could easily do this. Its a step back in the forge process and anyone that thinks otherwise has not made a map in halo 4 and cannot see how -Yoinking!- frustrating it really is.

So laggy lighting, less vehicles, less custom options, bland off-white pieces, less/missing gametypes, and forge environments that are all smaller than reach’s forge world is considered better than what we had before?

Wow. We must have some pretty low standards then.

> Wow. We must have some pretty low standards then.

Thats what im saying lol, these people have no -Yoinking!- idea just how difficult it is to make A QUALITY map and how much more time it takes to create maps, this map i just showed took 3 weeks more then it needed to take. Not to mention halfway through lighting just stopped working lol. its a cluster -Yoink- of glitches and left out content, its better then 3 but to say it was better then reach is -Yoinking!- limited