forge is paid?

ok you probably have seen it already if you dont have love gold very often like me and what i have seen was horrendus. ok i recieved halo 5 in christmas and installed! jumped directly to the campgain and it felt amazing and i thought wow this is soo cool.then i thought let me check out one of my favourite things in halo: FORGE! i pressed the button and then… WHAT THE F***!! my xbox oppened another thing which was for me to buy xbox live gold and then i realised i couldnt play forge which has been highly improved offline! and even online without gold! I was connect to xbox live not gold and i coulnt play it what the hell. ok 343 i have messed up litlle in h5 but some big failiures with the splitscreen and some other stuff but this… this i cant forgive… i have really denied me playing with my friends together (because im the only one who has a xbox of my friends and i dont have live gold) and i said ok… but this… i have bought a game where i can only buy the campgain… i really loved forge! i used to play hours and hours of forge after i got tired of the campgain and now thats all new and better u deny it again for markting really… and i have some doughts about who made this choise if it was 343 or xbox herself but the only thing i now is that am really really sad even sadder than i am angry… i havent played the mcc yet but i just hope this doesnt appen… please fix or halo 5 will become those games that i complete and i just stays in the corner getting dust… pls pls make forge free without gold…

Sorry sir. Forge is hosted on those dedicated servers of theirs and requires online play. I would think forge isn’t very fun without someone to share your creation with, but to each their own I guess.
On a side note, you can often find XBL Gold for $40ish dollars for a year if you search around a bit.