Forge is BROKEN and here is why!

This forge is the best by far, however! 3 or 4 things that I have experience in my forging marathons for the past 3 days have not been pleasant and make it discouraging to play/build.

Number 1: Randomly will get kicked from my session and bumped to the title menu. It makes no sense except for the fact that it is on dedicated servers that don’t seem to sustain themselves very well.
Number 2: Changing the skybox and/or map options will CRASH Halo 5. Like… completely. No questions asked, game crashes and kicks you back to dash.
Number 3: Lack of option to auto turn on an auto save or a reminder to save. This one is a very important one. For me, I will spend 3 hours without saving. Why? Because I am in the zone. Without a reminder, I will forget because I am focused on creating and crafting. Yes, they added a quick save button but again, I am not focused on it. And when the game crashes or forge kicks me out. I am way too frustrated with all the progress I just lost to even think about playing halo again. This has happened four times in the past three days. It almost makes me give up. This isn’t so much as a problem, but a solution to the first 2 problems.
Number 4: No trait volume.

Regardless of these reasons it is still the best forge with lots of improvements however, I feel the weight of it straining me to not use it when it crashes like that. I am tired of losing 3-6 hours of progress and I think that the bugs need to be the first addressed patch. The forging community needs security. Anyone else having these issues? Let me know, I would love to get some insight. 343i, if you are reading this, please tell me, is there hope for a fix for these crashing issues?