Forge is amazing. A few of my own Ideas.

I decided to be a productive member of the Halo community today and not engage myself into the ranks discussion. So I’m going to talk about forge. First I will talk about what H4 can still bring with DLC and such. Next I will talk about possible additions to H5 if they are not announced.
What we witnessed in the H4 forge reveal video was just simply amazing. I loved the addition of the river. The objects looks even more amazing and not all gray although they still were, but they were shiny. lol One thing I hope the 2 other maps have are different biomes. A desert biome and a snow biome. For DLC we could see a Jungle, a tropical island, and a giant cavern. All would have different object skins that suit the enviroment. Maybe and option to switch the regular forge skin into a skin that suits the biome better. Those are just my hope for H4 forge.
Now, some additions I would like to see in Halo 5 if they’re not in 4. The biggest thing I want to see is being able to manipulate the weather. Adding rain, snow, fog, and all hat would be cool. It would really help out the machinima directors, like myself. Getting off topic for a second, I need actors and voice actors for machinimas if anyone is interested. Back to forge. Another cool thing to add would be to be able to change to time of day. Instead of having to use all these effects in forge to make the game day or whatever you could simply have the option to change the time and it would reflect the lighting in the day. If you wanted a sunset you could just put 8:00pm and it would change the maps lighting and position of the sun. Something you could do with this would link it to your time zone so if it is nighttime where you are it would be night time in game. You could also do this with weather. It would be cool to be able to have a weather cycle as well. This would strictly be custom games and forge.

If you have anything to add please do so. :slight_smile:

Break that block into paragraphs!

First off thank you for staying clear of the ranking conversation.
As for your ideas they are all pretty cool, started losing me at the end and those seemed a little overcomplicated for what we needed. Id like to see the function where you can change the objects skins to match the environment better, less forerunner gray everywhere, and to change weather if its doable that would be cool. Im thinking of possible infection maps that could come from this stuff, they would look a lot better right now all people can usually do is go for function

Wow, it was in paragraphs. Too lazy.

Short version:
“I would like to manipulate the weather, and the time of day in forge mode.”

Nothing new, guys.

Halo needs terraforming NOW. Can’t believe they didn’t add it to be honest, it would really be the next evolution for Forge.

> Halo needs terraforming NOW. Can’t believe they didn’t add it to be honest, it would really be the next evolution for Forge.

I think they’re concentrating on nailing vanilla Forge, i.e. the basic object manipulation controls, before adding big new core features such as terraforming and eye-candy additions along the lines of weather FX and multiple object skins.

Oh, and one major thing: a space-themed Forge World would be perfect. I’m not gonna stop pushing this idea, as a DLC if nothing else, until it’s revealed. So much potential.

> a space-themed Forge World

would be amazing

The ability to move two or more objects as one object would of been nice but I imagine that would be quite difficult to program.

Also undo/redo would also have been a nice feature.

The halo 4 forge looks really good. I really like magnetism and duplicate. As to the point of the post, all the stuff that we really want (copy/paste, terraform, multiple object skins, weather and time change) probably won’t be included until halo 5 comes out on the neXtbox. We have to remember that most of the features we want are only included for PC games. Hopefully the neXtbox will have enough horsepower to run a forge with all these features. For now I will be content so long as their are multiple forge maps with different block skins.