Forge in Halo 5

Forge in Halo 5 should be the same if not better than in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. One idea of mine is to be able to set certain areas of climate. Meaning that if you place say a rock in a “frozen climate” the rock may have some snow or ice on it to reflect the climate of the area. This would ideally work for all forgeable items, with the exception of vehicles, weapons, etc. This way forge maps could be more diverse aesthetically. Another idea of mine is to be able to spawn enemies. If you checked out the IGN Halo: The Master Chief Collection forge demo they showed how the with the press of a button you could spawn vehicles or other items. I think it would be great if we could do this with enemies, or at least be able to set enemy spawn points. We could essentially create our own firefight maps. Anyway, those are just a few ideas of my own. Feel free to post yours in the comment section below.

I have posted the link for IGN’s forge demo below:

Different in game pallets along with a variety of textures would be great.

Being able to control water flow. Meaning I can make waterfalls, leaks, ect. That would be a difficult challenge so it’s not essential.

Everyone knows everyone wants climate control and dynamic weather.


… I think tMCC pretty much addressed everything else.