Forge in beta or broken?

I was excited to see 343 finally add forge to infinite only to lose all excitement with the game crashing EVERY time I tried it. Anyone else having this issue? I do realize it’s in “Beta” but Cmone what an excuse it’s not even a working beta in my opinion and I’m sad to see 343 use their customers and fans time by having non opted insiders basically test a broken “Beta”. what does everyone else think?


You don’t mention which device you’re using, but:

There are also a few threads discussing Forge that may be worth your while checking out

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PC 3070 i7. They just pulled new maps because of crashes. I no longer have faith in 343. 343 has never hit a deadline and every “update” is late or breaks the game. I would love to say nice things about 343 but I need a reason.

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please submit any bugs and report issues via the Halo Support site.

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