Forge Ideas

As a keen Forger, and avid Custom Games Attendee I am excited for the editions that The Master Chief Collection will bring.

Having said that, Halo 5: Guardians needs to have one thing which will add depth of story of custom made maps.

One thing which can be done is to add Data pads in FORGE from Halo Reach and Halo 4 so that the creators can add customisable notes and hints to leave behind for players just to give some light on what is going on within their maps as a lot of time a care is put in for an immersive experience but something like this can be amazing if done well.

For example I made a Prison Infection Map in the main building on Impact which started form the bottom and players escaped out through upper exit. If I could add data pads detailing lives of past prisoners or guards like on The Last Of Us and Skyrim. These small details make up a larger detail for simple forge items and bring them life and create a story rather than the all-to familiar slayer map.

Anyone got any ideas or opinions?

at the very least it needs to be like HMCC… but im hoping with added stuff like weather etc and maybe texturing

Yeah looking forward to all that goodness

some reason i cant see them putting AI in unfortunately but i dont mind much aslong as they have dynamic weather so during the match we can make it go dark and then just after make it go stormy etc, be really cool!
And maybe more pieces? More natural, more textures like brick, mossy, stone, metal, covi, etc
Ive always wanted simple thing like blown up vehicles, craters, wooden fences, brick walls, AA guns (aesthetic), Craters which have timed explosives etc
I also think and this i think is likely… there will be more things like we have the EMP tower, falling ice spikes etc, i think we’ll have alot more!
Reason i think this is all possible is because they said the MCC Forge engine is basically a done up H4 one… H5 is a proper, next gen engine so i cant wait!

This would be amazing, yes! I was thinking terminals but this is a lot more convenient and easy. This would also be great for maps in a “series” that want to tell a story together.

I want time of day and weather effects. Imagine a night time blizzard btb or infection map, sounds fun to me. Also the ability to link maps and game modes together when you download something so you don’t have to go find the game mode after you get the map.

Really great idea bro. I would love to see the stuff people make with that

Make a new forge world!

That, combined with what we have in Halo MCC, could lead to a Silent Hills style game. I like it but I would REALLY want weather effects most of all, and maybe some music or audible sound effects to add tension… Subtle things like that will make Forge miles better.

Yeah, I remember having to add different timers to different SFX in Reach to make out some kind of day/night cycle but was a span of 180 seconds which was poor.